Are you looking for a NSCA Approved course which explores the essentials of coaching in a concise format?

ALTIS Essentials is for you!

ALTIS Essentials is our newest structured digital curriculum, providing a concise introduction to core topics which underpin successful coaching in all sports. Providing 2.0 CEUS or 20 contact hours for NSCA certificants, this exciting new addition has been crafted for individuals seeking to gain an overview of essential coaching theory and its application, in a condensed short-course format.

Designed as an alternative to the Foundation Course, which provides an in-depth critical exploration of foundational coaching pillars, Essentials instead provides a more succinct synopsis – the essentials of the Foundation Course in essence. This makes it perfect for coaches who have not taken – or are not planning to take – the Foundation Course, and are instead looking for a shorter overview from the ALTIS perspective.

If you would like more information on the differences between the Foundation Course and Essentials click here for a table which summarizes the key differences.

Providing 12 modules of content, if you’re just starting your formal coach education journey with ALTIS, or are looking for a ‘Cliff’s Notes’ style recap on core coaching topics, rather than the deeper study required for the Foundation Course, Essentials is a great professional development choice for you.

Module 1 – Biomechanical Concepts

Module 2 – Applied Physiology

Module 3 – Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology

Module 4 – Concepts Essential to Good Programming

Module 5 – Planning & Organization

Module 6 – Training Progressions

Module 7 – Cueing

Module 8 – Athlete Management

Module 9 – Strength Development Essentials

Module 10 – Strength Exercise Inventory

Module 11 – Speed Development Essentials

Module 12 – Speed Exercise Inventory

To find out more about how Essentials fits in our Education Provision, take a look at the ALTIS Education Pathway below, which explains how our courses and resources fit together.

The ALTIS Education Pathway.

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Course Aims

This course aims to:

  • Distill the foundational pillars of coaching theory into its essential components.
  • Providing a concise overview of core coaching strands, fundamental to coaches of all sports.
  • Provide an introductory platform of understanding for coaches to build upon as they progress their coaching career.

Target Audience

ALTIS Essentials has been specifically designed for:

  • Coaches seeking to achieve a fundamental grasp of the essential components necessary for excellence in coaching – in a streamlined, short course format, rather than the depth provided in the Foundation Course.
  • Coaches looking to take an economical time and cost option for their first step on the ALTIS Education Pathway, before continuing their journey with other ALTIS Education products.
  • Coaches who want a succinct one-stop-shop refresher course on what the ALTIS Staff feel are the necessary fundamentals to coaching success.

Course Format

Designed by experts in education and digital technologies, the ALTIS Essentials Course provides a streamlined digital experience, using an online platform which can be accessed on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. This means you can login, and start back right where you left off, whenever, wherever.

Progression between sections and modules requires you to successfully complete each learning check with a score of 80% or higher. However learning checks can be retaken if this mark is not attained on the first try.

This course is composed of 12 modules of content, providing 24 guided learning hours of content.

The ALTIS Essentials Course provides a streamlined digital learning experience.

Buy the Essentials Course – $149

Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the ALTIS Essentials Course, coaches will have developed a basic understanding of the key theories, themes, discussions, on core topics examined by the course content.

Course Professional Outcomes

Upon completion of ALTIS Essentials, coaches will receive a certificate of completion providing them with ALTIS Essentials Graduate status.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association has also approved 2.0 CEU(s) in category D for certified individuals who successfully complete this course. This is valid from 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2020.

ALTIS Essentials is endorsed by the NSCA.

Course Authors

This course has been written by globally recognized educators, coaches and sport-scientists, including:

  • Dan Pfaff – Lead Author
  • Stuart McMillan
  • Andreas Behm
  • PJ Vazel
  • Derek Evely
  • Brett Bartholomew
  • Dr Angus Ross
  • Jason Hettler
  • Dr Ken Clark
  • Dr Bryan Mann
  • Shawn Myszka
  • Dr Jas Rhandawa
ALTIS Essentials includes content created by globally recognized educators, coaches and sport-scientists,.

Buy the Essentials Course – $149


ALTIS Essentials course membership comes for just $149.

For this affordable price, in addition to the ALTIS Essentials course content you will also receive the following fantastic benefits:

  • Access to the ALTIS AGORA Council. This is the ALTIS Facebook group which provides exclusive video content and live streams from ALTIS Education events. It also provides individuals using ALTIS educational material across the globe with a forum for discussion, collaboration, and networking with like-minded professionals and the ALTIS Staff.
  • A 10% discount on all In-Person ALTIS Education Programs – including the Apprentice Coach Program, and Performance Therapy Program.

Buy the Essentials Course – $149


Where does this course sit in relation to the Foundation Course and other ALTIS educational products?

ALTIS Essentials is different to the Foundation Course, in that it has been created for individuals who are seeking a more concise introduction to core coaching topics, rather than in-depth exploration, evaluation, and critical analysis found in the Foundation Course. Following completion of ALTIS Essentials, you can continue your journey either by choosing courses from the Track & Field Education Series; Sport Performance Series set to be released through 2018 and beyond; or our in-person or other digital learning options. Check out our Education Pathway for a visual overview of our Educational products.

If I have already taken the Foundation Course, is this course appropriate for me?

If you have already enrolled on the Foundation Course, then no – ALTIS Essentials is not for you, as it provides the Essentials of the Foundation Course, which you will already have covered. Your next step would be to consider our other Digital or In-Person learning options as outlined on the ALTIS Education Pathway.

Once I have taken Essentials, should I enroll on the Foundation Course?

No, Essentials has been designed to offer a short-course essentials version of the Foundation Course. This option was created to give individuals the option to either go for the in-depth Foundation Course, or the fast-track ‘Essential’ introduction to fundamental coaching theory and practice. Once you have taken Essentials, we would recommend you instead chose one of the other options on the Education Pathway.

Do I have to start and finish the course on a specific date?

No, you can choose to enroll at any time you like, and complete the course according to whatever timeline suits you. There is no time limit for completion, and you can study at your own pace.

Is all the content delivered online?

Yes – all the content is delivered in an online-only format, so there is no commitment to travel anywhere to access or complete the course, and you can study anywhere in the world without having to worry about carrying books and papers around. By choosing this format we have been able to create a multi-faceted approach to learning which includes videos and films as part of the course content, rather than just text and graphics.

Each module is assessed by a multiple choice learning checks which can be taken in your own time. These tests are all online. To pass the tests you must gain a score of 80% or above. If you fail the first time, you are able to retake.

Will I be able to access the written material and video after completion of the course for reference sake?

Yes, there is no time limit to your access. Once you have completed the course you will continue to have access for reference and revision purposes, as well as lifelong access to the other course benefits outlined above.

Can I download the materials?

No, it is not possible to download the course materials. The course is delivered via an digital platform only.

Buy the Essentials Course – $149

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