The ALTIS Foundation Course

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Become a Better Coach.

Choose the NSCA Approved ALTIS Foundation Course, featuring 12 modules of bespoke content designed to:

Equip you with the knowledge required to make sound coaching decisions.

Develop the skills and competencies to enable you to convey this knowledge effectively.

Build the confidence and understanding to question, adapt, and evolve your own philosophies.

What is the ALTIS Foundation Course?

The ALTIS Foundation Course is a structured Coach Education curriculum for Coaches of all sports. Featuring 12 modules of in-depth exploration and critical commentary, the ALTIS Foundation Course provides you with a deep and holistic understanding of topics necessary for a successful coaching career.

Presented in a dynamic digital format, content includes over 340 videos & 140 hours of guided learning material, featuring three structured semesters, containing four modules each. There are no timelines dictating how you learn, as all content is available online for you to study at your own pace. However, each topic-specific module is designed to be taken in series, forming a platform of knowledge built upon by the themes covered in successive modules.

Who is it for?

Focused on speed-power sports, the Foundation Course explores concepts and applied theories relevant to coaches in a range of settings:

  • Development Coaches working in High Schools, Colleges & Private Practice who want to develop their knowledge base and understanding of foundational coaching concepts.
  • Forward thinking Performance Coaches looking for new ways to apply and individualize their practice, and challenge their own philosophies.
  • Strength & Conditioning professionals looking to enhance their understanding of speed-power development and its application to sport-specific practice.
  • Physical Therapists seeking to bridge the gap between therapy and coaching.
  • Progressive Team, Court, and Field Sport Coaches seeking to broaden their understanding of coaching tenets and learn from world-class coaches of other sports.
  • Track & Field Coaches seeking to learn directly from our globally renowned, athletics Coaches and Coach-Educators.

Whoever you are, you’ll gain the knowledge, confidence and expertise you need to develop and refine your practice, all while earning continuing education credits from the NSCA.

To find out more, take a moment to hear from Course Author – Coach Pfaff himself – as he explains the intent of the Foundation Course.


Course Creators

Written by PJ Vazel, Derek Evely, Dr Matt Jordan, Stuart McMillan, Andreas Behm, and legendary coach and educator Dan Pfaff, the Foundation Course shares the collective knowledge of some of the most experienced minds in the coaching profession today. In addition, guest contributions from Dr Angus Ross, Martin Bingisser, Dr Ken Clarke, Brett Bartholemew, Greg Hull, Jason Hettler, Shawn Myszka, Vince Anderson, and Jas Randhawa means this course includes the benefit of shared collaborative knowledge stemming from some of the leading minds across the globe in sports performance.

  • Dan Pfaff - Author

    Coach Pfaff is a globally recognized expert in the field of coaching & coach education. With over 40 years coaching across multiple T&F disciplines, Dan has led 49 Olympians to 9 medals. He has lectured in 27 countries & consults across multiple sports, delivering coach education to National Governing Bodies & private organizations globally, in sports ranging from football & basketball, to rugby, soccer, golf & baseball.

  • Derek Evely - Author

    Hailed as a leading mind on training methodology, Coach Evely has accrued decades of experience working in T&F roles across multiple disciplines in Canada, the USA & the UK. He has also consulted in speed skating, hockey, and worked with various national multi-sport training centers in Canada. Derek has been team staff at 4 World Championships, 1 Olympic Games & the European Championships, among others.

  • PJ Vazel - Author

    A coach since 2004, PJ Vazel is recognized worldwide for being one of the brightest young professionals in sport research and statistics. In addition to coaching, he is a freelance writer specializing in the history and science of athletics performance. He also works as a chronicler & consultant for LeMonde, and is a French correspondent for the IAAF.

  • Stuart McMillan - Author

    Currently in his 21st year of professional coaching, Coach McMillan is Performance Director & Sprints Coach at ALTIS. Stuart has worked with professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports with a focus on power and speed development, and has personally coached 60 Olympians at 6 Olympic Games; 30 of whom have won Olympic medals. He has worked as part of National Governing Bodies in 6 countries, and has been part of and/or led Integrated Support Teams in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Stuart has also accrued the unique experience of coaching at three Home Olympic Games, having worked with American athletes in 2002 at Salt Lake City Games, Canadians in 2010 at Vancouver-Whistler, and British athletes in 2012 at the London Olympics.

  • Dr Matt Jordan - Author

    Dr. Matt Jordan is a highly regarded coach, speaker, and educator, who holds a PhD in Medical Science and a Masters in Exercise Physiology. Matt has authored and co-authored several peer reviewed articles and regularly presents at scientific conferences. To date, he has been personal strength coach to 30 World and Olympic medalists, and has worked with elite athletes in many sports, including speed skating, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, hockey, football, volleyball and mixed martial arts. Matt has also helped many developing athletes and members of the general public with their health, fitness and performance goals. He is currently based in Calgary, where he works as Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Canadian Sport Institute-Calgary, and Director of Sport Science & Sport Medicine for Alpine Canada.

  • Andreas Behm - Author

    Coach Behm is Recruitment & Education Director, and Sprints & Hurdles Coach at ALTIS. He is best known however, as the Coach of Aries Merrit who – under his tutelage – won Olympic Gold at London 2012 in the 110 m hurdles. Later that same year Aries went on to shatter the existing 110 h World Record with a time of 12.80 seconds. Several other athletes coached by Andreas have also qualified for the past two Olympic Games, and past three World Championships.
 Before moving to ALTIS Andreas served as a Volunteer Assistant Coach on Texas A&M’s high powered coaching staff for eight years. He assisted Pat Henry and Vince Anderson with the collegiate sprints and hurdles athletes, while training his own professional group in the mornings. During his time at A&M the Aggies won an impressive seven Outdoor NCAA Team titles.

  • Jason Hettler - Author

    In post as Strength & Power Coach at ALTIS since 2014, Jason works across athletes from all event disciplines. He also leads the expansion of both athlete and coach development across a variety of professional sports. Prior to joining ALTIS, Jason completed his B.S. in Exercise Science and worked primarily with NCAA D1 athletes competing in many sports – including Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer.

  • Ellie Spain - Editor

    Ellie is a former International Pole Vaulter, with a MSc in Strength & Conditioning and BA in English. Before joining ALTIS as Digital Education Manager she spent over a decade working in Further Education, and as National Coach Mentor in the Pole Vault for England Athletics. A coach since 2009, Ellie has coached multiple age group national champions in the Pole Vault, and is founder of the successful London-based club, West London Track & Field. Most recently, she was named as coaching staff for Great Britain U18 & Senior Championship roles in 2016 & 2017.

Course Structure & Format

Designed by experts in education and digital technologies, the Foundation Course represents a new breed of user interface. The Foundation Course is a streamlined digital experience, using an online platform which can be accessed on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. This means you can login, and start back right where you left off, whenever, wherever. Progression between sections and modules requires you to successfully complete each learning check with a score of 80% or higher. However learning checks can be retaken if this mark is not attained on the first try.

Each module provides a consistent learning format, including:

  • Definitions, discussions, and explanations
  • Graphics and photos to illustrate key points
  • Complementary video content and discussion
  • Section summaries
  • A learning and comprehension checkpoint
  • A variety of further learning resources designed to encourage critical thinking.

This format allows you to:

✓  Study online at your own pace without the need to carry books and papers around

  Take the online learning checks when you are ready

✓  Refer back to content at leisure with lifelong access to the course

Digital Coach education athletics

Course Outcomes

On completion of the Foundation Course, you will have developed a holistic understanding of the key theories, themes, and discussions on the 12 core topics covered by the Foundation Course.

Completion of the course also demonstrates to employers, potential employers, and stakeholders that the you are a forward thinking, evolving coach who has taken control of your own development.

ALTIS recognition

In recognition of your achievement you are awarded with the ALTIS Foundation Course Certificate of Completion. 

NSCA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The National Strength and Conditioning Association has also approved 2.0 CEU(s) in category D for certified individuals who successfully complete this course.

Your certificate of course completion, and NSCA CEU awards are provided upon successful completion of all 12 modules.



  • Q: Do I have to start and finish the course on a specific date?

    No, you can choose to enroll at any time you like, and complete the course according to whatever timeline suits you. There is no time limit for completion, and you can study at your own pace.


  • Q: Are all the exams and content delivered online?

    All the content is delivered in an online-only, so there is no commitment to travel anywhere to access or complete the course. You can study anywhere in the world without having to worry about carrying books and papers around. By choosing this format we have been able to create a multi-faceted approach to learning which includes videos and films as part of the course content, rather than just text and graphics.

    Each module is assessed by a number of multiple choice learning checks which can be taken in your own time. These are all online. To pass the tests you must gain a score of 80% or above. If you fail the first time, you are able to retake.

  • Q: Can I apply for the course if I am located outside of the USA?

    Yes, we welcome coaches globally – in fact we already have coaches from over 25 different countries enrolled onto the Foundation Course!

  • Q: How does the ALTIS Foundation Course Certificate of Completion benefit my professional profile?

    It demonstrates to employers, potential employers, and stakeholders that you are a forward thinking, evolving coach who has taken control of their own development. If you complete the course, it shows you have a clear understanding of foundational coaching concepts and their application, and that you are well versed in fundamental coaching tenets.

    You will also get an e-certificate to recognize your achievement once you have completed the Foundation Course. This can be saved, or printed out as you wish.

  • Q: Is the ALTIS Certificate of Completion recognized globally?

    ALTIS is a global coach and athlete education and performance brand renowned for quality. Your certificate of completion provides recognition of you having acquired Foundational skills to the quality level associated with the ALTIS brand.

  • Q: Does the Foundation Course make me eligible for the ALTIS Coach Internship Program?

    We welcome coaches and aspiring coaches with appropriate backgrounds into the Coach Internship Program. While not an essential prerequisite for entry, the Foundation Course will ensure you are fully prepared for the ALTIS Internship should you wish to apply. ALTIS Accredited Coach status will put you in a strong position as you will have acquired the Foundational understanding we look for in potential applicants.

  • Q: Will I be able to access the written material and video after completion of the course for reference sake?

    Yes, there is no time limit to your login. Once you have completed the course you will continue to have access for reference and revision purposes.

  • Q: Can I download the materials?

    No, it is not possible to download the course materials. The course is delivered via an online platform. However, some of our further learning resources contain links to external materials which you can of course download as you wish.

  • Q: What is the next step once I’ve completed the Foundation Course?

    You can choose to attend an onsite learning program such as the ACP, or you may wish to apply for an internship.

    Alternatively, you may wish to explore the other courses which are being released through 2018. These are outlined on the ALTIS Education Pathway.

    You can also complement your learning by signing up to the ALTIS 360 site – our online video library.

  • Q: Are there any CEU credits associated with the course?

    The National Strength and Conditioning Association has approved 2.0 CEU(s) in category D for certified individuals who successfully complete the ALTIS Foundation Course (the maximum award they provide for any single activity). This is with effect from 1/1/18.

    Progression between sections and modules requires you to successfully complete each learning check with a score of 80% or higher. Your certificate of course completion, and NSCA CEU awards for certified individuals are provided upon successful completion of all 12 modules.

  • Q: How is the Foundation Course different to the ALTIS Essentials course?

    While the Foundation Course  provides an in-depth critical exploration of foundational coaching pillars, Essentials instead provides a more succinct synopsis – the essentials of the Foundation Course in essence.

    Essentials is for coaches who have not taken – or are not planning to take – the Foundation Course, and are instead looking for a briefer overview from the ALTIS perspective.

    For more information on the differences between the Foundation Course and Essentials check out the table here which summarizes the key points.

Course cost

The Foundation Course modules represent the culmination of decades of coaching experience streamlined into a user-friendly format. When you invest in the Foundation Course, in addition to the module content you will also:

  • Gain access to the ALTIS AGORA Council. This is the ALTIS Facebook group which provides exclusive video content and live streams, as well as a forum for discussion, collaboration, and networking for Coaches using ALTIS educational material across the globe.
  • Be entitled to 10% savings on ALTIS Apprentice Coach Program enrollment.

To be part of this learning revolution, and access material from some of the greatest coaching minds in sport, we are pleased to provide two enrollment options:

Course Reviews

The below is just a small selection of the feedback given by our Foundation Course Members:

Greg Rohr – High School Football / Track – USA

“I coach jumps/sprints and receivers for track and football at Sam Barlow HS in Gresham, OR. We have about 150 track athletes and 100 football athletes in the two programs. I am always looking for ways to increase my coaching knowledge of not just specific events, but how to increase overall athletic skill/ability levels. One of my big questions going into the ALTIS Foundation Course was how ALTIS would relate their knowledge to coaches who work with developing athletes in a group setting, such as high school athletics. There are a lot of programs and courses available online but they focus on college and elite athletes and usually just say developing athletes do fewer reps and loads. ALTIS has done a good job bridging that gap and even discusses long-term athlete progression from development levels to college/elite. The course modules also not only include both reading material and videos to watch, but also provide links to supplemental materials for further study. Providing access to the ALTIS AGORA closed group on Facebook has also provided a networking opportunity for coaches to discuss topics. I am constantly having “ah-ha!” moments when studying these modules, no matter if it’s biomechanics, training methodology, or cueing. It’s challenging what I know and what I don’t know. If I had more college classes that were relevant and engaging I probably wouldn’t have gone the finance/taxation route for a “job”. I think the best part of the Foundation Course is that it is opening up doors for me with knowledge and networking that I previously didn’t know how to effectively tackle.”

Mike Fountain – Event group coach for sprints – Northern Ireland

“I successfully completed the ALTIS Foundation Course today, which I have to say, completely exceeded my expectations. So much great content, from great coaches, that I will be reading and watching again and again as my own coaching practice develops. I’m really looking forward to the journey that the athletes and I are on, and how this knowledge will help direct us.”

Chris Pearson – Strength & Conditioning Coach at Reform Strength & Conditioning – USA

“I mainly work with volleyball athletes at the moment, but, have worked with just about every sport at some point. The course is great because of the depth of the information, it goes into great detail without feeling overwhelming or boring. The extra reading and sourced material is far and away better than most certifications I have taken/completed in the past. The fact you can learn more if you want and you know the sourced material will be worth the time is great – in that you don’t have to dig for information and make sure its legitimate before taking it in yourself/referring it to my other coaches on staff. I’ll be referencing the material in the course for years to come!”

Paul Beckwith – Director of Sports Performance at APEX Athletics – USA

“This is a great online source for coaches at every level. A scientific approach that takes you from the early stages and beyond. For those interested in the science behind all phases of performance and not just strength and conditioning. I encourage you to definitely add this to your continuing education program. I personally enjoyed the content from external videos, Journals, and additional readings to help tie in the global thoughts from well respected coaches in the community. The fact you get quizzes after each section helps affirm the knowledge and challenges you to critically think and apply the information covered. I look forward to the next phase!”

Robbie Bourke – Physical Preparation Coach & Human Performance Consultant – Ireland

“With so many resources available at our fingertips nowadays it is very hard to decide what is truly worthwhile of our attention and money. I am not someone to promote any resource that I do not firmly believe in. So, I can assure anyone reading this, that the ALTIS Foundation course is without doubt one of the few resources that is worthy of your time, energy, and attention.

This outstanding course brings all the fundamental coaching principles together in such a cohesive and holistic manner. The modules have been organized into a systematic sequence, so that each one builds upon the foundation laid down by its predecessor, and this organization allows the end-user to be fully engaged and present in the learning process. The quizzes at the end of each section are also another extremely beneficial in-built feature, that further your retention and consolidation of the abundance of information that this course covers.

As someone who is currently completing a MSc in Strength and Conditioning, I can confidently say that the ALTIS Foundation course rivals any third-level curriculum that is available today. Oh, and it’s about 1/10th the price too! This is actually the only area of the ALTIS Foundation course that I would criticize!! Its damn TOO CHEAP!!

If you are someone who considers themselves to be a driven professional in the world of human performance, than this resource is for you. Get on it!!”

Still not sure? 

Spend a few minutes with one of the Foundation Course authors – Derek Evely – as he explains why this course is worth every cent…




The information provided in this course is used solely at the user’s own risk. ALTIS and the individuals represented in this course have taken reasonable care to ensure that the information contained in it is accurate. However, no warranty or representation is given that the information and materials contained in this course are complete or free from errors or inaccuracies. To the extent permitted by applicable law, ALTIS accepts no liability for any loss or damages or expenses of any kind including without limitation compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, or claims by third parties how so ever arising in connection with your use of this course or the material contained within it. This exclusion of liability shall not apply to damages arising from death or personal injury caused by the negligence of ALTIS or any of its employees or agents. By purchasing this course, in whole or part, you indicate you agree to these terms of use.