Coach Education Courses

ALTIS Foundation Course

12 guided online modules for coaches of all sports, to build the foundation of your coaching career.

The Foundation Course has been awarded 2.0 CEUs in category D for certified individuals who successfully complete this course - this represents the maximum level of CEUs that can be awarded in any single activity. Approval for the ALTIS Foundation course is valid for the three-year cycle coinciding with the NSCA recertification reporting period (1/1/2018 – 12/31/2020).

10% savings on Apprentice Coach Program (ACP) enrollment.

Access to the ALTIS AGORA Council Facebook group.

Course Introduction Buy whole course - $499 Buy by the semester - $199

ALTIS Essentials

12 modules packed with Essential Coaching knowledge

Access to the ALTIS AGORA Council. This is the ALTIS Facebook group which provides exclusive video content and live streams from ALTIS Education events. It also provides individuals using ALTIS educational material across the globe with a forum for discussion, collaboration, and networking with like-minded professionals.

A 10% discount on all In-Person ALTIS Education Programs – including the Apprentice Coach Program, and Performance Therapy Program.

Complimentary access to a Thorne Research Professional Wholesale Account – giving you immediate access to approximately 50% discount on all Thorne supplements.

Course Introduction Buy Course - $99

Coaching the Pole Vault

A bespoke online course dedicated to the Pole Vault, featuring 12 modules of digital content.

Access to the ALTIS AGORA Council Facebook group.

10% savings on Apprentice Coach Program (ACP) enrollment.

Course Introduction Buy Course - $149


Access to ALTIS Shorts content - The building blocks of athlete development

Access to the ALTIS 360° iPhone & Android app to access 360 on the go

Monthly updates to exclusive video and audio content

Narrated athlete drills, recovery practices, and event-specific practice drills (jumps, hurdles, sprints)

Presentations from the best in sport including ALTIS Staff Dan Pfaff and Greg Hull, as well as World-Class Guest Lecturers from around the globe

Video and audio recordings of the legendary Apprentice Coach Program pool-side chats, spanning the past three years!

Presentations from The University of Alberta: Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre Legacy Series

Access to the ALTIS AGORA Council. The ALTIS Facebook group for discussions, exclusive video content and live streams

10% discount on ALTIS coach and athlete events such as our Apprentice Coach Program at ALTIS in Phoenix, our global Coach Education events & Athlete Clinics

What is ALTIS 360? Sign up monthly - Pro Membership $20 Sign up yearly - Yearly Pro Membership $199