What do you get on the Foundation Course?

Twelve guided online modules written by PJ Vazel, Derek Evely, and legendary coach and educator Dan Pfaff. Designed to be taken in series, these exciting modules will be released over three semesters, through 2017.

  1. Semester One: June 1st
  2. · Biomechanical Concepts
  3. · Applied Physiology
  4. · Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology
  5. · Training Methodology
  1. Semester Two: September 1st
  2. · Planning & Organization
  3. · Progressions
  4. · Cueing
  5. · Athlete Management
  1. Semester Three: December 1st
  2. · Strength Development Fundamentals
  3. · Strength Exercise Inventory
  4. · Speed Development Fundamentals
  5. · Speed Exercise Inventory

ALTIS Accredited Foundation Coach status upon course completion.

Access to the ALTIS AGORA Council Facebook group.

10% savings on Apprentice Coach Program (ACP) enrollment.

For more information check out the introduction for a detailed explanation of the course aims, structure and outcomes.

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