1. Biomechanical Concepts

Module author: Dan Pfaff

Editors: Ellie Spain & PJ Vazel

This course deliberately includes multiple references to real-life experiences in addition to current and important historical research. It is also filled with anecdotal and empirical findings and discussions – do not accept these as dogma or fact, but as a point of view to complement your arsenal of understanding. In cases where medical discussion results, always refer cases with athletes to the proper medical authorities in a timely manner. Whatever your coaching experience, a key part of building a deep understanding is becoming a critical consumer of research, and resources.

Selected elements of this Biomechanics section also reference the landmark writings and work of my close friend and colleague, Irving ‘Boo’ Schexnayder. Boo is a world renowned coach and in my opinion one of the best applied biomechanists currently in the business of sport.


2. Applied Physiology

Module author: Dan Pfaff

Module editors: PJ Vazel & Ellie Spain

Guest contributor: Athletigen

5. Planning & Organization

Module authors: Derek Evely & PJ Vazel

Editors: Ellie Spain

We are excited to be able to continue working with you to develop your understanding of the planning and organization process.

This module aims to build on the foundation of understanding you will have developed from Semester One’s Methodology module. It includes a number of explanatory videos which will take you step by step through the various processes required to successfully plan for different populations, as well as templates and resources to help you create your own plans. Whatever your sport – once you have mastered and understood these steps you will be able to apply the concepts to the athletes you work with.

You will find this module has fewer specific learning checks than in previous modules. This is because certain sections ask you to use the templates and resources to spend time working through your own version of the planning process. We really hope you take the time to go through these valuable steps, as it will hugely increase your understanding of the content.

6. Progressions

Module Author: Derek Evely & PJ Vazel

Editor: Ellie Spain

8. Athlete Management

Module authors: Dan Pfaff, Derek Evely, Andreas Behm, Stuart McMillan, Greg Hull, Ellie Spain

Guest contributor: Brett Bartolemew

Module editor: Ellie Spain